OB5653 is a linear driver with high voltage start-up and advanced features to provide high precision current output for TRIAC dimmable LED lighting applications. It offers intelligent bleeder control for high efficiency.


OB5653 features two reference voltages that can be used to set the current lever and bleeding lever independently. And the programmable line compensation is built in OB5653 for high precisely constant output current control.


OB5653 offers thermal foldback function feature to make the system flicker-free when the ambient temperature is high.


OB5653 is offered in ESOP8 package.


n Excellent TRIAC dimming performance

n 120Vac input only

n HV startup

n Intelligent bleeder control for high efficiency

n Programmable line voltage compensation

n High power factor

n No inductance , EMI issue

n Low system cost

n Thermal foldback function



n LED lighting

n 120Vac LED lamp