OB3671A is a high performance controller with advanced features to provide high efficiency control for driving external NMOSFET to remove/suppress the 100/120 Hz current ripple for LED lighting application. It controls the NMOSFET drain voltage to minimize power dissipation on the NMOSFET while suppressing current ripple.

OB3671A allows user to set up maximum LED current by the sensing resistor between the source of the NMOSFET and ground.

It also allows user to set up the maximum cathode voltage of LED string via a resistor between the drain of the NMOSFET and LEDN pin.

OB3671A offers comprehensive protection coverage with features including LED open loop protection, LED short circuit protection, current limiting, VCC under voltage lockout (UVLO), comp floating protection, over temperature protection etc.

OB3671A supports current dimming from 100% to 5%.

OB3671A is offered in SOT23-6 package.



n Controller for 100/120Hz current ripple removal/suppress

n Programmable maximum LED current

n Built in VCC voltage clamping

n Supports wide dimming range: 5%-100%

n Supports hot-plug

n LED short protection with programmable threshold

n VCC under voltage lockout (UVLO)

n Comp floating protection

n Over temperature protection

n SOT23-6 Package



n LED lighting