SN03A is a high power factor flyback PWM controller special for lighting applications.


SN03A features an internal start-up timer for stand-alone applications, an analog multiplier with for power factor correction (PFC), zero current detector (ZCD) to ensure TM operation, a current sensing comparator with built-in leading-edge blanking, and a totem pole output ideally suited for driving a power MOSFET.


SN03A offers great protection coverage including system VCC under voltage lockout (UVLO),VCC over voltage protection, Cycle-by-cycle current limiting, and gate drive output clamping for external power MOSFET protection.




·         Low Start-up Current and Operating Current

·         Cycle-by-Cycle Current Limiting

·         Internal Leading Edge Blanking

·         Analog multiplier for Power Factor Correction

·         Internal Startup Timer for Stand-alone Applications

·         Trimmed 1.5% Internal Band gap Reference

·         Under Voltage Lockout with Hysteresis

·         VCC over voltage protection

·         Transition Mode (TM) Operation

·         Totem Pole Output with High State Clamping

·         Audio Noise Free



·         Single Stage High PF Flyback AC/DC SMPS

·         LED Lighting Power