OB2612 is an USB Power Delivery (PD) controller designed for AC/DC off-line adaptor or charger application. It integrates USB PD protocol/baseband, Type-C cable detection, voltage/current monitor and regulation, output voltage fast discharge control, cable drop compensation, MCU control, PSID ROM.

OB2612 can automatically distinguish input PD protocols. It can achieve lower standby power consumption and fast voltage transition while works together with On-Bright GreenEngineTM based AC/DC off-line PWM ICs.

OB2612 supports 4~20V wide range supply voltage.

OB2612 offers comprehensive protection including output over voltage protection, output over current protection, output short circuit protection, internal OTP etc.



n  USB-PD Downstream Facing Port(DFP)

n  Compatible with USB-PD 2.0 protocol

n  Output voltage programmable with 0.5V/step

n  Current limit programmable with 0.1A/step

n  4~20V wide operation voltage range

n  Built-in unplug fast discharging control  

n  Programmable cable drop compensation

n  Output voltage fast discharge

n  Ultra Low Operating Current

n  Comprehensive protection coverage

l  Output over voltage protectionOVP

l  Output over current protectionOCP

l  Output short protectionSCP

l  Internal over temperature protectionOTP


n  USB Type-C AC/DC adapters

n  USB Type-C AC/DC chargers