OB2614 is a highly integrated secondary-side  fast charging controller that supports USB PD3.0 including programmable power supply(PPS) mode. It is designed for USB power delivery AC/DC off-line adapter or charger application.

        OB2614 works as Source and communicates with Sink on the CC wire using the USB PD3.0 protocol. The mixed-signal front end on the CC pins advertises default (500 mA), 1.5 A or 3 A for Type-C power sources, detects a plug event and determines the USB Type-C cable orientation, and autonomously negotiates USB PD contracts by adhering to the specified bi-phase marked coding (BMC) and physical layer (PHY) protocol.


● Protocol Support

● USB PD3.0 with PPS   

● Qualcomm QC4                                

● Highly Integration

● Secondary-side Constant Voltage CVand Constant Current CCRegualtion

● Constant voltage programmable with 10mV/step

● Constant current programmable with 50mA/step

● Built-in Unplug Fast Discharging Control

● Programmable Cable Drop Compensation

● Built-in N-MOSFET Gate Driver

● Output voltage fast discharge

● 8bit MCU with 16K MTP

● 3V~21V wide range output voltage

● Ultra Low Operating Current

● Comprehensive protection coverage

● Output over voltage protectionOVP

● Output over current protectionOCP

● Output short protectionSCP

● Output under voltage protection(UVP)

● Internal over temperature protectionOTP

● PackageSSOP10/SOP8


● USB Type-C with power delivery AC/DC adapter/charger

● Notebook computers

● Tablet and Ultrabooks