The OB2606 is a highly integrated secondary -side constant voltage and constant current (CV/CC) controller supporting both HUAWEI FCP1.0 protocol and Qualcomm QC2.0 protocol. It is used in application that requires CV and CC regulation. Two operational amplifiers are built in for CC/CV regulation. The high gain current sense amplifiers minimize the offset for decreasing power loss of sense resistor.


    ●  Protocol support

        ●  USB BC1.2 protocol

        ●  HUAWEI FCP1.0 protocol

        ●  Qualcomm QC 2.0 protocol

        ●  Automatic identification of protocols

    ●  Highly integration

        ●  Secondary Side Constant Voltage and Constant Current regualtion

        ●  Built-in two operational amplifiers for dual CV/CC control

        ●  Built-in fast discharging control

        ●  Built-in cable drop compensation

        ●  Built-in opto-coupler driver

    ●  Low operating current

    ●  Comprehensive protection and monitor

        ●  Output over voltage protection (OVP)

        ●  Output under voltage protection (UVP)

        ●  Internal temperature protection (OTP)

    ●  Package: SOP8


    ●  Quick-charging AC/DC charges for cell phones, tablets and other portable devices

    ●  AC/DC Adapters for Portable Devices that Requires CV/CC control