The OB2607 is a smart constant current drive IC to lit power supply indicator LED for USB-PD adapter application. It is placed at the adapter output plug together with indicator LED to indicate power on or off status, it works together with OB2613 which one is placed at adapter internal over other side of output cable.

OB2607 will detect load plug in once system load is connected to the plug and it will inform OB2613 to turn on block MOS in the first place, once VBUS voltage is ready, OB2607 will switch drink power from VBUS instead of from CC line, then CC line will be used for data communication between adapter and system load.

The LED is not turned on when the plug is plugged into DRP function equipment when AC is off. OB2607 will indicate adapter in fault condition with LED off once OB2613 is in latch protection mode.



  • Automatic switch Communication/Power

  • Support 5V-20V wide range output voltage

  • Ultra Low Operating Current

  • Support USB type C attach/detach with Rp

  • Support adapter fault indicates



  • USB-PD adapter with type-C captive cable