OB2007 is a high performance and highly integrated secondary side synchronous rectification controller used for secondary side rectification in switch mode power supply system. It drives a much lower voltage drop N-channel MOSFET to emulate the traditional diode rectifier at the secondary side of flyback converter, which can reduce heat dissipation, increase output current capability and efficiency, and simplify thermal design. It can support wide range of system output voltage 3V~21V.

It is suitable for multiple mode applications including discontinuous conduction mode (DCM), quasi-resonant mode (QR) and continuous conduction mode (CCM). The drain-to-source voltage of SR MOSFET is sensed to control the turn on and off of the SR MOSFET. In addition, to reduce SR falling time further, soft gate is implemented in OB2007, which would pull down the gate voltage level before being turned off  thoroughly.

OB2007 is offered in SOT23-6 package.


   Secondary-side synchronous rectification controller for 3V~21V output system

   Up to 180V VD pin high voltage tolerance

   Self-supplying for operation without the use of an auxiliary winding

   Suitable for DCM, QR and CCM operation

   Soft gate drive for fast turn-off

   Accurate secondary side MOSFET Vds sensing

   Adaptive off time control effectively avoid the ring impact induced by parasitic elements

   3A/2A peak current sink/source driver capability

   VDD UVLO protection


   AC/DC 3V~21V adaptors

   Low voltage rectification circuits