OB2365P is a highly integrated current mode PWM control IC optimized for high performance, low standby power and cost effective offline flyback converter applications.

At normal load condition, it operates in QR mode in high line input voltage. To minimize switching loss, the maximum switching frequency in QR mode is internally limited to 77KHz When the loading goes low, it operates in PFM mode with valley switching for high power conversion efficiency. When the load is very small, the IC operates in ‘Extended Burst Mode’ to minimize the standby power loss. Additionally, in the low line input voltage, the IC operates in fixed frequency (65KHz) CCM mode at the heavy loading. As a result, high conversion efficiency can be achieved in the whole loading range.

VCC low startup current and low operating current contribute to a reliable power on startup and low standby design with OB2365P.

OB2365P offers comprehensive protection coverage with auto-recovery including Cycle-by-Cycle current limiting (OCP), VCC under voltage lockout (UVLO) and brownout protection. It also provides the protections with latched shut down including over load protection (OLP), In-chip over temperature protection In-Chip OTP,external over temperature protection (OTP), output over voltage protection (OVP) and under voltage protection(UVP). Excellent EMI performance is achieved with On-Bright proprietary frequency shuffling technique.

The tone energy at below 23KHz is minimized in the design and audio noise is eliminated during operation.

OB2365P is offered in SOT23-6 package.


Offline AC/DC flyback converter for

   Power Adapter


   Power on soft start reducing MOSFET Vds stress

   Multi-Mode Operation

120KHz minimum clamping frequency in CCM mode @ Peak Load in low line voltage

77KHz maximum clamping frequency in QR mode @ Full Load in high line voltage

65KHz minimum clamping frequency in CCM mode @ Heavy Load in low line voltage

Valley switching operation @ Green mode

  Burst Mode @ Light Load & No Load

   Frequency shuffling for EMI

   Extended burst mode control for improved efficiency and low standby power design

   Audio noise free operation

   Comprehensive protection coverage

o    VCC Under Voltage Lockout with hysteresis (UVLO)   

o    VCC Over Voltage Protection (VCC OVP)   with latch

o    Cycle-by-cycle over current threshold setting for constant output power limiting over universal input voltage range

o    Over Current Protection (OCP) with latch

o    Over Load Protection (OLP) with latch

o    Output Over Voltage Protection(Output OVP) with latch, and  the OVP triggered voltage can be adjusted by the resistors connected between auxiliary winding and ground

o    Output Under Voltage Protection(Output UVP) with latch

o    In-chip over temperature protection In-Chip OTPwith latch

o    Adjust Over Temperature Protection(OTP) through CS pin with latch

o    Brownout protection with auto-recovery

o    Output diode short protection with auto-recovery