Genenal Description

OB6611 is a low system cost brushless DC motor (BLDC) controller, including 8051-compatible MCU processor, 5V-LDO with high precision voltage and 15mA output current, three channels high side P-channel MOSFET (P-MOSFET) gatedriver, three comparators used for sensorless control.

OB6611 is optimized for low cost, high-efficiency drive circuits in applications, and easy to built BLDC control circuit with current loop and speed loop by using simple components. OB6611 provides large flexibility in adapting the OB6611 to a specific system requirement and simplify the system design.

QFN28 (5mm*5mm) and TSSOP28 package is favorable for PCB miniaturization design.


·         5V to 24V supply BLDC controller, including FAN, Pump, etc.


Embedded MCU

·         MCS 51 Compatible. High speed architecture of 1 clock/machine cycle

·         16K bytes Flash. 256+1K bytes SRAM.

·         6 channels 14bit PWM for motor control.

·         7 channels 10bit ADC.

·         3 on-chip comparator.

·         Three 16bit Timer/Counters.

·         Supporting IIC, UART communication

·         4 channels capature.

·         Enhance user code protection

·         Power management unit for  IDLE and power down

·         Internal OSC : HIRC 22.1184MHz (±2%, -40°C~85°C), LIRC: 23KHz, ±20%

P-MOSFET Gatedriver

·         Breakdown voltage 40V

·         Propagation delay 100ns / 80ns


·         4.5V to 30V supply voltage range

·         Output 5V( VCC>5.5V),max 15mA

·         Internal current limiting protect when output short

Typical Application