General Description

OB6606 is a monolithic, high performance, low cost brush motor controllerwhich requires only a few BOM to complete system.

OB6606 integrates high performance MCU, power MOS driverhigh-resolution 5V regulator, high-speed rail-to-rail amplifier, comparator for over current protection(SCP). OB6606 provides higher flexibility, lower volumn and lower cost motor control system.

OB6606 supports the development of the control program, integrates single PWM driver and  current detection, provides 14 GPIOs, 4-channel PWM, 8-channel ADC, UART interface etc. It meets the needs of most brush motor applications.

OB6606 provides protection functions to improve stability of symtem application, includingunder voltage lockout, over voltage protection, over temperature protection, over current protection.



·         Brush Motor related


Built-in MOS driver

l  Output high-level clamped on 13V


l  Output  5V

l  Current capability is over 50mA

l  Built-in short circuit protection  and over temperature protection

Driver over current protectionSCP

l  Threshold is set by system for high flexibility

l  Result of SCP comparator shutdown driver. Hardware protection is safer.

Low standby current

l  Low standby current, less than 10uA

High-speed rail-to-rail amplifier

l  Gain bandwith production is  over 1.1MHz

l  Slew rate is over 10V/us

High performance 1T-8bit MCU

l  16MHz Internal RC oscillator, with programmable clock divider.

l  1~8T can be switched on the fly.

l  Instruction-set compatible with MCS-51.

l  8KB on-chip program memory.

l  512B RAM as standard 8052.

l  Dual 16-bit Data Pointers (DPTR0 & DPTR1).

l  Three 16-bit Timer/Counters. (Timer 0,1,2

l  14  GPIOs

l  External interrupt 0,1 with four priority levels

l  One IIC interface. (Master/Slave mode)

l  One serial peripheral interfaces in full duplex mode. Additional Baud Rate Generator.

l  Programmable watchdog timer.

l  4-channel 10-bit PWM1-channel is used to control MOS_DRV

l  8-channel 12-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC),  ADC6 is interal current detection.

l  CMP x1 Set

l  ISP/IAP/ICP functions and EEPROM function

l  LVI/LVR (LVR deglitch 500ns)

l  Power management unit for IDLE and power down modes.

l  On-Chip in-circuit emulator (ICE) functions with On-Chip Debugger (OCD).


Typical Application