OB6221 is a stereo Class-D audio power amplifier driving 8ohm speakers in a bridge-tied load configuration for up to 13W power outputs at each channel. It achieves up to 87% power efficiency.


Fixed 26dB gain of the amplifier is provided in OB6221.


OB6221 provides excellent EMC performance for filter-free applications.


OB6221 provides comprehensive IC and system level protection features including speaker terminal short circuit protection, IC over temperature protection, power supply over voltage and under voltage protection, etc. The short circuit protection and thermal protection are auto-recoverable.


To protect speaker, direct current (DC) protection is provided in OB6221 as a latched shut-down protection function.


OB6221 is offered in TSSOP20 packages with built-in thermal pad for improved power dissipation.


n  Up to 13W(10% THD+N) per channel output into 8W load at 15V supply

n  Up to 10W(10% THD+N) per channel output into 8W load at 13V supply

n  6V to 20V single power supply operation

n  95dB SNR (typical, 1kHz frequency sinewave input, THD+N<1%)

n  Filter-free operation

n  Low shutdown/standby current

n  Fixed 26dB gain

n  External Shut down control function

n  Differential or Single-ended analog inputs

n  Thermal and over-current protection with auto recovery

n  Minimized pop noise without additional external circuitry.

n  Excellent EMC performance



n  TVs

n  Powered Speakers

n  Boombox