OB3352 is a highly integrated and cost effective Light Emitting Diode (LED) driver optimized for LCD monitor and LCD TV backlighting application. It provides a high performance LED backlight solution with minimized BOM count.

The OB3352 contains a PWM boost driver which uses current mode control and fixed frequency operation to regulate the LED current. The LED current is sensed through an external current sense resistor. The voltage across the sensing resistor is compared with reference level of 300mV, the error is amplified to control the pulse width of the power switch thus to regulate the current flowing the LED.  

The OB3352 offers external low frequency PWM (LPWM) dimming method for a wide range of dimming control.

The OB3352 offers comprehensive protection such as power MOSFET over current protection (OCP), Diode & Inductor short protection, LED cathode short to GND protection, LED short protection, IC power supply under voltage lockout (UVLO).

The OB3352 is offered in SOP-8 Packages.



n Current Mode PWM Controller With Good Dynamic Response

n 9V to 30V Input Voltage Range

n External PWM Dimming Mode

n Over Current Protection

n Under Voltage Lockout (UVLO)

n Thermal Shutdown

n Enable Pin for simple IC shutdown control

n Diode & Inductor Short Protection

n LED cathode short to GND Protection

n LED short Protection





n LCD Monitor


n Flat panel display