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The OB39R62T2 is a 1T (one machine cycle per clock) single-chip 8-bit microcontroller. It has 62KB embedded Flash for program, and executes all ASM51 instructions fully compatible with MCS-51.


OB39R62T2 contains 1536B+256B on-chip RAM, various serial interfaces and many peripheral functions as described below. It can be programmed via writers. Its on-chip ICE is convenient for users in verification during development stage. 


The high performance of OB39R62T2 can achieve complicated manipulation within short time. About one third of the instructions are pure 1T, and the average speed is 8 times of traditional 8051, the fastest one among all the 1T 51-series.Its excellent EMI and ESD characteristics are advantageous for many different applications.


Ordering Information

OB39R62T2ihhkL YWW

i: process identifier { W = 2.2V ~ 5.5V}

hh: pin count

k: package type postfix {as table below }

L:PB Free identifier

{No text is Non-PB free”P” is PB free}

Y: Year Code

WW: Week Code (01-52)





SOP (300 mil)




SSOP   (150 mil)




l 62KB on-chip program memory.

l Working voltage 2.2V~5.5V.

l High speed architecture of 1 clock/machine cycle runs up to 22.1184MHz.

l 1~8T can be switched on the fly.

l 256 bytes RAM as standard 8052, plus 1536 bytes on-chip expandable RAM

l Port 0~3,Up to 30 GPIO

l Dual 16-bit Data Pointers (DPTR0 & DPTR1).

l Two serial peripheral interfaces in full duplex mode

                       (UART0 & UART1)

l Up to 24 touch sense inputs, support multiplexing I/O function.

l Lower power touch-key wakeup function.

l Four 16-bit Timer/Counters. (Timer 0,1,2,3)

l Programmable watchdog reset and interrupt timer.

l Two IIC interface. (Master/Slave mode).

l 4-channel 16-bit compare / capture functions.

l 4-channel PWM.

l ISP/IAP/ICP functions.

l On-Chip in-circuit emulator (ICE) functions with On-Chip Debugger (OCD).

l LVI/LVR (LVR deglitch 500ns).

                       POR and Programmable LVR(2.7V / 1.55V) & LVI (4.0V / 3.3V / 2.8V / 1.8V)

l 10-channel 12-bit ADC.

l External interrupt 0, 1, 2, 3 with four priority levels.(INT x 4)

l Keyboard Interface (KBI x 8) on port 1 for eight more interrupts.

l LED driver: COM x7, Segment x 16.

l Software RTC

l Enhance user code protection.

l Power management unit for IDLE and power down modes.

l Clock Source:

-       32.768KHz XTAL input to timer, allow running on power down mode with wakeup function .

-       HIRC: 22.1184MHz Internal RC-oscillator, with programmable clock divider. Factory trimmed to 2% at full temperature range

-       LIRC: 26KHz






Pin Configuration


32 Pin LQFP










28 Pin SOP










20 Pin SOP






  1. To avoid accidentally entering ISP-Mode(refer to section 19.4), care must be taken not asserting pulse signal at RXD0 P2.0 & RXD1 P1.1 during power-up while P0.2, P0.3 or P0.4 are set to high.

  2. To apply ICP function, OCI_SDA/P2.1 and OCI_SCL/P2.0 are ICP pins during reset period. When reset finish, they are GPIO.