OB2222LM is a high performance, high precision and low cost PWM Power switch for non-isolated buck and buck-boost application. It combines a dedicated current mode PWM controller with a high voltage power Bipolar in SOP8 package. Its built-in error amplifier is optimized for good overshoot and dynamic response for low cost and component count. With precise inner resistor divider, precise reference of EA constant voltage regulation of 5.0V at universal AC input can be guaranteed. Frequency reduction and burst mode control is implemented for high efficiency at light load. Good EMI performance is achieved with On-Bright proprietary frequency shuffling technique and soft base driver design. Low startup current and low operating current contribute to a reliable power on startup and low standby power consumption with OB2222LM. Constant power operation is supported at over load application with OB2222LM, which makes it suitable for small home appliance application where instant large power consumption is required such as start-up of a fan.

OB2222LM offers power on soft start control and protection coverage with auto-recovery features including cycle-by-cycle current limiting, output short circuit protection, FB pin open loop protection, on-chip Over Temperature Protection (OTP), VDD Over Voltage Protection (OVP), Over Loading ProtectionOLPand VDD Under Voltage Lockout Protection (UVLO).

The tone energy at below 20KHz is minimized in the design so that audio noise is eliminated during operation.

OB2222LM is offered in SOP8 package.


·         Universal AC input range and 5.0V output voltage

·         Peak load operation with increased frequency

·         Low cost and less BOM for buck  and buck-boost applications

·         Current mode control

·         40kHz (typical) normal switching frequency

·         Frequency-reduction and burst mode control for high efficiency

·         Frequency shuffling for EMI improvement

·         Power on soft-start 

·         Built-in Leading Edge Blanking (LEB)

·         Cycle-by-cycle current limiting

·         FB pin open loop protection

·         Output short-circuit protection

·         VDD Under Voltage Lockout with Hysteresis

·         VDD OVP

·         Over Loading Protection

·         On-Chip OTP



Low power AC/DC offline SMPS for

·         Small home appliance

·         Linear regulator/RCC replacement