Genenal Description

OB6628x is an application-specific 3-phases BLDC/PMSM controller system on chip (SOC). The IC is optimized for low cost, high-efficiency drive circuits in applications needs.

It’s easy to built BLDC/PMSM control circuit with current loop and speed loop by simple components.

OB6628x includes Cotex-M0 MCU,three phases level shift drivers, 5V_LDO and motor driving current protection comparator.


·  Sensor/Sensorless BLDC/PMSM Controller

·  Power Tools, Garden Tools, FAN, Pump etc


ARM Cortex-M0

·  Operating frequencies up to 72MHz

·  Wide operation voltage: 1.8V to 5.5V

·  32kB Flash + 4kB SRAM

·  12bit, 1MHz sampling rate  ADC

·  3 BEMF detecting analog comparators + 1 current protection analog comparators.

·  3 Operational Amplifiers.

·  Coprocessor: 2 MDU + 1Cordic

·  1 UART, 1IIC, 1 SPI

·  2 16Bit Counter/Timer, 2 32bit Counter/Timer.

·  16bit PWM, 6 PWM events trigger ADC.

Three phases bridge driver

·  Integrated 70V three phases bootstrap driver.

·  Driver current : -0.5A/1.1A

·  Low side supply under-voltage lockout(UVLO), and over voltage protection(OVP)

·  High side floating supply under-voltage lockout(UVLO)

·  Build in dead-time

·  Build in cross conduction protection logic


·  4.6V to 17V supply voltage range

·  Output 5V±2%,max 100mA

·  Internal thermal overload protection

·  Internal current limiting protect when output short

Over Current Protection

·  Built in Comparators, adjustable reference setup

·  Short circuit protection(SCP) turns off six drivers, and sets fault output low with latching 1ms.

·  SCP soft turn off.

Internal OSC

·  HIRC: 24MHz (±1%, 25°C)

·  LIRC: 20KHz (±30%, 25°C)