Quasi Resonant PWM Controller

OB2203 is a highly integrated Quasi-Resonant controller optimized for high performance offline flyback converter applications. Reduced switching loss and improved EMI performance is achieved through Quasi Resonance control. A built-in P-channel MOSFET and its control are integrated to automatically turn on/off PFC stage according to the load conditions.


# PFC power supply control function integrated for PFC shutdown at no load and light load condition
# Programmable soft start
# Programmable load OVP
# Multi-Mode quasi resonance control for efficiency improvement and EMI optimize
# 1A gate drive capability
# Built-in slope compensation for better stability at low/high power design
# Upper frequency clamp at 130Khz for better EMI
# Selectable built-in latch shutdown for strong system reliability
# Available in DIP8 and SOP8 packages,RoHS compliant


# Notebook Adapter
# DLP Projector/RPD Power
# Home Appliance Power

Typical Application: