Li-Ion Battery Power Bank Using OB2112

OB221X series are offline PWM power switch ICs. They are designed for primary side regulation with minimum overall system cost by removing X/Y caps, Photo-coupler and TL431. They include an internal error amplifier to delivery high performance CC/CV control. OB2211/OB2212 is highly recommended for cost effective compact designs in low power adapter and battery charger applications.


Lowest possible component count.
Multiple mode operation with charge, discharge, path-through and sleep mode.
Very low sleep mode power consumption.
Efficiency measured >90% at buck charge and boost discharge mode.
Comprehensive protection including Battery OVP/UVP/OTP/OCP, Output OVP/SCP, Input OVP etc.

Demo Snapshot:

OB2112UP demo
Size: 40mm*35mm

OB2112VP demo
Size: 60mm*20mm

OB2112LVP demo
Size: 50mm*45mm