Li-Ion Battery Power Bank Controller

OB2112 is a highly integrated and cost effective controller for Li-Ion Battery Power Bank application. It integrates one synchronous step-down DC-DC Buck converter (5V input, 2A output), one synchronous step-up DC/DC Boost converter (5V/2.4A) and one power bridge (5V/2.4A). An 8-bit 8051 based MCU is also integrated for flexible parameter setting.


# Integrated MCU, Buck, Boost and power bridge in one SOC
# Path-through feature
# Very low sleep mode power consumption (typical 25uA, 3.7V battery voltage)
# 5V input, 2A output synchronous mode Buck with programmable frequency (300kHz, 600kHz)
# Up to 5V/2.4A synchronous mode Boost with programmable frequency (300kHz, 600kHz)
# Up to 5V/2.4A power bridge
# Drive capacitive load
# Provide trickle currenttypical 30mA when battery is over discharged
# Programmable battery voltage
# Programmable gain of Buck mode current sense
# Programmable constant current level in Buck mode
# Programmable output voltage in Boost mode
# Programmable battery UVP threshold in Boost mode
# Programmable gain of Boost mode current sense
# Programmable and flexible LED indicator pattern
# Programmable thermal fold-back at too high battery or IC temperature
# Comprehensive protections: input OVP, output OVP, output SCP, battery OVP, battery UVP, battery OTP, OCP.
# Available in TSSOP20/PP, TSSOP28/PP and QFN28 5mmx5mm packages


# Li-Ion battery power bank
# Single Li-Ion battery portable device

Typical Application: